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Comparing and Contrasting Assange and Ellsberg

An article at compares and contrasts Daniel Ellsberg and Julian Assange and their roles in disseminating government and private secrets.

To find out about their take on what makes a “good” leak and what differs between these two, click here.

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Meet Daniel Ellsberg and support director Judith Ehrlich’s latest film

Director Judith Ehrlich has embarked on another film project documenting the history of the Vietnam war resistance.

The Boys Who Said NO! is the story of 3,250 young Americans who tried to stop the Vietnam War by going to prison rather than enter the military. Why did they choose prison? What happened to them? What was their impact on the war and the draft?

To find out more about this compelling film (or pursue the opportunity to have dinner with Judith Ehrlich and Daniel Ellsberg, or lunch with David Harris, co-founder of The Resistance!) click here.

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Edward Snowden’s Dresden Peace Prize speech acknowledges Ellsberg’s inspiration

In a speech presented to the Dresden Peace Prize 2016, Edward Snowden acknowledges the importance of inspiration from Daniel Ellsberg (and “The Most Dangerous Man In America”).

“The film that you recently watched, (“The Most Dangerous Man in America”) is one that I myself watched. But it wasn’t this year or the year before. It was in the year 2012, the year before I came forward. In (Daniel Ellsberg’s) example, seeing what he could see, the choices that he faced, seeing how he struggled with the same sort of moral complexities that I myself was unable to resolve, helped me see that there was a model from people that came forward before. At different – at higher levels! Even more deeply embedded in government understanding. And they came to the conclusion that it was not enough to recognize, that something is wrong. It is not enough to simply raise a good point. We have not just the right but the moral obligation to ourselves and to society if we have the capability to achieve positive result for our families, for the future of our countries.

If I could simplify the connection, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that without Daniel Ellsberg there could not be an Edward Snowden.”

Click here to see the complete speech by Snowden.

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Ellsberg Inspires Climate Change investigation

In an article at Inside Climate News, writer David Sassoon describes being inspired to pursue investigation into Exxon’s knowledge about climate change by Daniel Ellsberg.

Read his account here.

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Extraordinary Meeting connects Snowden, Ellsberg, and Indian author Arundhati Roy

An extraordinary meeting brought together Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, Indian author Arundhati Roy, and actor John Cusack in Moscow.

Read an account of the meeting here.

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Obama Worse Than Nixon?: Pentagon Papers Attorney Decries AP Phone Probe

An article and interview on Democracy Now features an unfavorable comparison of Obama with no less a historical figure than Richard Nixon. Click through to get the perspective of James Goodale, the general counsel at The New York Times during the Pentagon Papers crackdown, comparing recent privacy intrusions with the actions of Nixon.

For details, see here.

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Edward Snowden was inspired to act by this film! Maybe Dan Ellsberg is right, courage is contagious!

Dan Ellsberg may have been proven right when he said, “Courage is Contagious.”

According to The Dissenter, “Ellsberg said that Snowden had communicated to him that he had viewed the documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America, which tells the story of how Ellsberg came to release the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and how President Richard Nixon tried to destroy him. Snowden apparently indicated to Ellsberg that viewing this film hardened his resolve to release NSA documents to the public.”

Read the full article here.

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Watch the new film by Judith Ehrlich on silencing of CIA whistleblower

The latest film from Judith Ehrlich focuses on the treatment of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling who was recently sentenced to 42 months in prison on charges of espionage. He was convicted of leaking to NY Times reporter James Risen details of a botched CIA Operation aimed at interrupting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Sterling denies the charges. For the first time hear his side of the story here.

Watch the full 12 minute documentary at Democracy Now here or via Expose Facts here.

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Chalkupy stands up for truth in LA with huge image of Ellsberg

Join Chalkupy in Los Angeles on June 6 for an action highlighting “Stand up for Truth” week.


For details, see here.

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Snowden conversation with Ellsberg at HOPEX conference opens with praise for this film

The Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE X) event which took place in New York City on July 18, 19, and 20, 2014 will feature Daniel Ellsberg giving a keynote presentation as well as a conversation with Edward Snowden in which Snowden praised “The Most Dangerous Man” film as an inspiration to take his historic whistle blowing action.

Click here for more details.